At the beginning of the year Paula and I were given the opportunity to participate in this year's Dibumad and I was thrilled to create new illustrations and dioramas because I love creating little boxes with small universes inside of them. For this project I decided to focus on three different elements: water, air and earth. I wanted to portray them in a very simple yet delicate way.

After deciding how I was going to represent each element, I proceeded to sketch them on my notebook. I find that sketching in paper first makes the process so much easier but I can't really explain why – my guess is that is has to be with the feeling of the pencil touching the paper, a feeling that is almost therapeutic for me.


Once the sketches where finished, I cleaned them on my iPad and after that, I created a vector version that I would later cut using my cricut machine. These were the first mockups that I put together using white paper.


Creating mockups is incredibly important in these kind of projects because you can correct any imperfections or miscalculations you did during the vectoring. You can also figure out how do you want certain parts to bend, or stand out from the rest. And if you intend to use special materials for the final model, this way you can make sure any of them go to waste.

To push the project even more, I decided to add an extra something with sparkly paper that suited each of the themes. It's really difficult to capture all of their glorious sparkly goodness via pictures, so I made a few videos to show you how gorgeous the paper really is!

These little boxes are for sale, so if you're interested in getting one of them

don't hesitate to contact me :) I'd gladly ship it to you!

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